74th Independence Day of India

Prime Minister Modi’s speech

In his address, the Prime Minister laid a lot of emphasis on making the country self-sufficient in every way, as well as all the achievements that the government has made in the last few years.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted the tricolour on 15 August 2020 on the 74th Independence Day at the Red Fort. He expressed grief over the absence of school children at the Red Fort in Corona on the occasion of Independence Day. He addressed the nation after hoisting the tricolour.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Modi, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Home Minister Amit Shah have given their congratulatory messages to the countrymen. Prime Minister Modi wrote in his message, ‘Many best wishes to the countrymen on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day’.

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A tribute to the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid homage at the Samadhi of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi by visiting Rajghat on the occasion of 74th Independence Day. After leaving his official residence, he reached Rajghat directly and paid homage at the tomb of Bapu.

Highlights of the communication

In his address, the Prime Minister laid a lot of emphasis on making the country self-sufficient in every way, as well as all the achievements that the government has made in the last few years.

• He said that in this extraordinary time of Corona, with the spirit of Seva Parmo Dharma, our doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, ambulance personnel, sweepers, policemen, service personnel, many people, regardless of their lives, continuously around the clock. Are working

• He said that next year we will enter the 75th year of our independence. A huge festival is in front of us.

He said that there was a time when our agricultural system was very backward. At that time the biggest concern was how to feed the countrymen. Today, when not only India, we can feed many countries of the world.

• The Prime Minister said that till just a few months ago, we used to get N-95 masks, PPE kits, ventilators from abroad. Today, in all these, India is not only fulfilling its own needs but has also come forward to help other countries.

He said that today many big companies of the world are turning to India. We have to move forward with the mantra of ‘Make in India’ as well as ‘Make for World’.

• He said that free gas cylinders were given to seven crore poor families, whether ration cards or not, more than 80 crore people were provided free food, about 90 thousand crore rupees have been directly transferred to the bank accounts.

• The PM said that to provide modern infrastructure to the farmers of the country, a few days ago an ‘Agriculture Infrastructure Fund’ of Rs one lakh crore has been created.

He said that education of the country has great importance in building self-reliant India, in building modern India, in building new India, in building prosperous and prosperous India. With this thinking, the country has got a new national education policy.

He said that before 2014, only 5 dozen panchayats in the country were connected with optical fibre. In the last five years, 1.5 lakh gram panchayats in the country have been connected with optical fibre.

• PM said that respect for India’s sovereignty is supreme for us. What our brave soldiers can do for this resolution, what the country can do, the world has seen this in Ladakh.

Pledge for self-reliant India

Prime Minister Modi called on the countrymen to take a pledge for a self-reliant India by minimizing imports, honouring local products and adding value to the natural resources available in the country. He said that self-reliant India is also essential for humanity and world welfare.

Accelerating economic growth

The Prime Minister called for the need to give a new direction to the infrastructure sector to move the country towards modernity at a faster pace and accelerate economic growth. The Prime Minister said that the time has come to end the era of working in isolation in the infrastructure sector. For this, a big plan has been prepared to connect the entire country with multi-modal connectivity infrastructure.

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