Dear Aspirants,
We are very grateful to publish the “August 2019” edition of “Master in Current Affairs”, which is a quintessential
magazine, and provides the right information and essential knowledge. This edition is specially designed keeping in mind
all the upcoming examinations.This edition includes highly acclaimed sections, newsletters, news diary, forest liner, World of English, which are related to examinations. Chalte-Chalte is one of the most steering elements of this magazine on the go, which is mentioned below every page. This edition provides a platform where all the candidates and guidance personnel can get together important issues this month, who can play a vital role in the upcoming exam. Important topics included in this edition are: One of which is “US-Iran Crisis” – There is no formal diplomatic relationship between Iran and the United States since 1980.Tension increased between Iran and the United States in May 2019, when the US deployed an additional army in the Persian Gulf region after receiving an intelligence report from Iran, the alleged “campaign”, all other details were given inside MICA.Then another topic is “US-India Trade: GSP”, as the United States is screwing up many partners in many global business competitions. India is its latest target, so all the necessary details are given in.And the next topic is “Modi’s Cabinet 2.0: Who, Who is”. In this article, you have been explained about the Union Cabinet for the 17th Lok Sabha which includes 24 Cabinet Ministers, 9 Minister of State with Independent Charge and 24 Minister of State. In view of the examination, the complete list of Central Ministers is given in the August edition of this magazine.Another topic is “SCO Summit 2019” – 2019 Shanghai Cooperation Conference, 13-14 June was held in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyz, in the second year India participated as a full member and all major details are included within MICA.Another topic is “Acute Encephalitis Syndrome” – Encephalitis is a swelling in the layers of tissue covering the brain or in the membranes. It is also known as acute viral encephalitis and spasmodic fever in Hindi, hence the reason for this, and the details of the treatment are given inside the MICA.In this edition we are providing “SBI Clerk Mains” paper for your self-assessment. There is a separate section called Quiz Time for your self-assessment, which includes all possible multiple choice questions from the current affairs of this month. This will be highly beneficial for upcoming exams. The subjects of the next issue will be different, we ensure that we will try to serve you with a rich content of knowledge


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