INDIA-AFRICA has been sign an agreement for India-Africa health sciences collaboration platform for cooperation in health services, pharmaceutical trade and manufacturing capabilities for drugs and diagnosis..


  • In the last decade, the India-Africa relationship has grown exponentially
  • India is Africa’s 4th largest trading partners with 21% of indian foreign investment direct to the continent between 2008-2016
  • India is also increased its visibility in recent years through high level visit, increased  and the creation of education, skill development programs such as “INDIAN TECHNICAL & ECONOMIC COOPERATION PROGRAMS”
  • Most of the half of the INTERNATIONAL SOLAR ALLIANCE comes from the AFRICA
  • THE INDIA-AFRICA FORUM SUMMIT (IAFS) is the official platform for the African-Indian relation. IAFS will be held once in every THREE years. It was 1st held in NEW DELHI in 2008  
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