India ranked 76 in the Global Social Mobility Index

ग्लोबल सोशल मोबिलिटी इंडेक्स में भारत 76वें स्थान पर

India has been ranked 76 in the World Economic Forum (WEF) list of 82 countries in the ‘Global Social Mobility Index’. Denmark has got the first place in this list. This report has been released before the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

India is among the 5 countries in the index that can benefit the most by improving social mobility. This index is based on ‘equal opportunity for every person’. The report says that in some economies, the right conditions are there to promote social change.

Key facts related to the report:

• WEF said that a ten percent increase in social change will benefit social unity and the global economy may grow by five percent by 2030.

• Countries have been tested on five criteria for ranking. It consists of ten base pillars. These categories are health and education (access, quality and equality); There are technology and work (opportunities, salaries, working conditions) and conservation and institutes (social protection and inclusive institutions).

• It shows that fair pay, social security and lifelong education are the biggest contributors to social change.

According to the report, only certain economies have the right conditions to promote such social change. If social change is encouraged, then China, America, India, Japan and Germany can be the biggest beneficiaries.

India’s ranking

India is ranked 41st in terms of lifelong education and 53rd in terms of working conditions. India ranks 76th in social security and 79th in fair pay distribution. India needs to improve a lot in these areas.

Ranking of other countries

Nordic countries occupy the top five places in this list. Denmark (85 points) ranks first in this list. It is followed by Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland. The Netherlands (6th), Switzerland (7th), Austria (8th), Belgium (9th) and Luxembourg (10th) are in the list of top ten countries.

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